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Thursday, December 18, 2014 - Day 6

Lunch today:  Recardo's Pizza $ 3.50

Lunch Friday: Grilled Cheese $ 2.50

For details on the updated timeline and progress of renovations, please see the Renovation Status Update.


Student Attendance

Consistent student attendance is important. When a child is frequently absent from school he/she misses important learning experiences including specific skills and knowledge that may be necessary for further learning. The real danger of frequent absences from school is that students will develop gaps in their learning that will hinder future learning.It is understood that there are legitimate reasons why students must miss school. When this occurs, the school will work with you to ensure your child does not fall behind. Please communicate these situations with the child’s teacher and the school principal. There are also many examples of students missing significant time when it is not necessary. Please take school attendance seriously. Be consistent in ensuring that your child values the importance of good education. Make sure he/she goes to bed at a reasonable time and gets a good night’s sleep. Plan your vacation at times that will have no impact, or at the least a minimal impact, on school.  Do not hesitate to phone your child’s teacher or the school Principal if you are encountering difficulties getting your child to attend school. Allow us to work with you to find solutions. We are willing to sit with you to look at your child’s programming and school experiences as well as any other factors that may impact on your child attending school.

AWEC School Advisory Council

The AWEC School Advisory Council (SAC) meets on the 3rd Tuesday of the month at 5:00 pm. The SAC is made up of parents, community members, school staff and students. SAC’s are formed to recognize the importance of a partnership among all stakeholders in the education system and to advise the principal and school board on relevant educational issues.

What are your future plans? Check out the If you're a student in a Nova Scotia public school, this site was made especially for you. You will find many tools here to help you develop strong career plan. Some are available to everyone, but some have been licensed for use only by Nova Scotia students. You can identify your skills and interests;learn about occupations and workplaces; find out what education and experience you will need; set some goals to get you to your future.  


Bus Notes

When students are requesting travel on a different bus than the one they would normally travel on, or to a different stop on their normal bus route, the parent or guardian must submit a written request to the School for approval. The bus notes should be brought to the office first thing in the morning for recording.

Student-Parent Portal

AWEC is offering you real-time access to your child(ren)'s grades, assignments, attendance, and teacher's comments using the Student-Parent Portal.  To get started, you must contact the school in person to request your child's confidential Access ID and Access Password.

Student fees are $40 per individual. Please make cheques payable to the Annapolis West Education Centre. Once you have paid your fee you will receive a lock for your assigned locker.

Athletic fees: $40 per person for each sport played to a maximum $100

AWEC is a scent free school. This means that you MUST refrain from putting on perfume or colognes such as AXE. Many people are very sensitive to this inside the building. Thank-you for your cooperation.

School Lockers

Students and parents/guardians should be aware that school lockers are the property of the school board and carry no rights of privacy by the student, and are subject to periodic search and inspection at the discretion of the principal/designate of the school or other school board authorized employee. Students who do not return their lock will be required to pay a replacement fee of $10.



Violence in the Workplace

Grade 11 O2 students recently were certified with "Violence in the Workplace." This program was facilitated by Yvonne Lantz through our partnership with Department of Labour.  Once again, students now how more tools to assist them in the workplace, opportunities with volunteerism, as well as, their Co-Op placements. I am super proud of these students for their desire to learn and connect with other communities in a variety of settings with confidence.Continue

Started by S. Robinson-Burnie Dec 11.


DJ CO$MO played at a dance for the students of Champlain Elementary School on December 5th from 6:30 - 8pm.  Our team of DJs continues to grow.  Thank you to the team for a great dance!Continue

Started by S. Robinson-Burnie Dec 8.

AWEC Student Council

Saturday, December 6th despite weather proved to be a successful supper hosted by students of this year's Student Council.  Members of the group worked tirelessly over the past several weeks to organize the delicious supper menu of homemade beans, ham, potato scallop, macaroni salad, coleslaw, homemade rolls, and to top it all off, homemade apple crisp with a side of ice-cream.  We want to thank everyone who helped out with this venture.  All proceeds are going to support the charity chosen by Student Council, "Free the Children" a fund set up through "We Day International." Continue

Started by S. Robinson-Burnie Dec 7.

Guest Speaker

Today, Grade 10 & 11 Option & Opportunities students welcomed an Annapolis West Education Centre graduate as their guest speaker.  Tiffany Milton, home for a short break is currently working in the Fort McMurray area as a heavy equipment operator at an oil field. Tiffany shared her post high school experiences, credentialing opportunities, and what led her out west to pursue a career.  The information session was very much appreciated and certainly insightful for the students who are considering a career in similar lines of work, as well, for those who continue to search for their field of interest.Continue

Started by S. Robinson-Burnie Dec 4.

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