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The school office will be opening on Monday, August 25.

The staff of AWEC wishes each of you a safe and happy summer break!

AWEC Renovation Project Update

While there has been good progress made to date, we have received confirmation from the contractor that the project will not be fully completed by the end of summer break as originally planned, and that October, 2014 is now scheduled as the completion date.

This means AWEC will not be ready to welcome ARRA students and staff in September 2014 as planned. We are now planning for the move to take place in January 2015, following the Christmas vacation.


please click on link for details AP Course Information Session

All non-construction related traffic (students, visitors etc) must follow the driveway alongside the gym. No traffic is permitted around the back of the school, beginning at the pool area. 


What are your future plans?

Check out If you're a student in a Nova Scotia public school, this site was made especially for you.

You will find many tools here to help you develop a career plan. Some are available to everyone, but some have been licensed for use only by Nova Scotia students.

You can

  • identify your skills and interests
  • learn about occupations and workplaces
  • find out what education and experience you will need
  • set some goals to get you to your future

About Bullying...

Bullying occurs when someone repeatedly tries to hurt another person’s body, feelings, self-esteem, reputation, or property. Helping or encouraging someone to bully another person is also bullying.


Four things to remember about bullying:

  • People learn how to bully. It is not just kids being kids.
  • Bullying is about power - getting power over others and using that power to build yourself up by keeping others down.
  • Bullying is a disrespectful behaviour which does not value our human rights.
  • Bullying is repeated. It is not one instance of a child being mean to another child.


What does bullying look like?

There are four kinds of bullying:

  • Physical Bullying
    • hitting, pushing, stealing, or damaging someone else’s things
  • Social Bullying
    • excluding someone from a group, spreading rumours
  • Verbal Bullying
    • name calling, mocking, making sexist, racist, or homophobic remarks
  • Cyberbullying
    • using technology to bully someone


For more information on this important topic please see:


Grad gowns are available to borrow for photos during the school year at no cost but please keep in mind the following:

  • take care of the gown and accessories as it costs $200 to replace the gown, collar and cap.
  • only keep the gown for ONE week.
  • return the gown promptly after the one week deadline.
  • if the gown is not returned, a bill in the amount of $200 will be presented to you.
  • Ms. Potter is available from 1:45-2:00 pm or after 3:20 to borrow a gown.  She is in class during the day.
  • return the gown to Ms. Potter or if she is not available please return to the Learning Centre with your name attached.


AWEC School Advisory Council

The AWEC School Advisory Council (SAC) meets on the 3rd Tuesday of the month at 5:00 pm. The SAC is made up of parents, community members, school staff and students. SAC’s are formed to recognize the importance of a partnership among all stakeholders in the education system and to advise the principal and school board on relevant educational issues.


Nova Scotia Virtual School

Students interested in enrolling in a course with the Nova Scotia Virtual School should see Mr. Walker as soon as possible to register. To see a list of courses offered for 2013-2014, click here.


New Senior Level Math Program

Nova Scotia continues to implement a new math program which began with grade 10 in 2013-2014. Click here to see important information regarding the grade 10 math program. 2014-2015 will see the introduction of new math courses at the grade 11 level. Click here to see information regarding the grade 11 math program. Click here for an overall view of the new math program.


Personal Development Credit

Beginning in September 2013, all high school students will be able to earn personal development credits in their communities through organizations like the Cadets, 4H, Junior Achievement, or Dance Nova Scotia. Personal development credits can be earned in three areas – arts, languages and leadership. For more information, click here.



A reminder to students and parents/guardians that if a student is absent from school, the school office must be notified by phone (532-3150) of the absence.

Bus Notes

When students are requesting travel on a different bus than the one they would normally travel on, or to a different stop on their normal bus route, the parent or guardian must submit a written request to the School for approval. The bus notes should be brought to the office first thing in the morning for recording.

Student-Parent Portal

AWEC is offering you real-time access to your child(ren)'s grades, assignments, attendance, and teacher's comments using the Student-Parent Portal website. To get started, you must contact the school in person to request your child's confidential Access ID and Access Password.

Student fees are $40 per individual or family. Please make cheques payable to the Annapolis West Education Centre. Once you have paid your fee you will receive a lock for your assigned locker.

Athletic fees are $40 per person for each sport played to a maximum $100

AWEC is a scent free school. This means that you MUST refrain from putting on perfume or colognes such as AXE. Many people are very sensitive to this inside the building. Thank-you for your cooperation.

School Lockers

Students and parents/guardians should be aware that school lockers are the property of the school board and carry no rights of privacy by the student, and are subject to periodic search and inspection at the discretion of the principal/designate of the school or other school board authorized employee. Students who do not return their lock will be required to pay a replacement fee of $10.



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