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February  27, 2015 -  DAY 4

Grad Fundraiser:  Lions Radio BINGO, Monday, March 30th in the AWEC Cafeteria.  Cards available at the door $6 a booklet.  Canteen items for sale.

Annapolis West Virtual Advanced Placement Orientation Day being held on Monday, March 2nd 9:30 - 10:20 am.  Location: TBA


Grade 12 students please remember to check the bulletin board outside the gym for Scholarship opportunities.


Any High School students who have an interest in leadership and has a hobby or skill you would like to share with a small group of middle level students, please pick up a form in the office.


NOTES: After School Activities (All Grades)

Mondays – TAG program at the YMCA

Wednesday – Rock Climbing 3:30-5:00

Thursdays – YOGA until 4:45

Archery will begin Wednesday March 4th.


Middle Level Announcements

Study Hall:  


The “Bridgetown” group of Cops ‘n Kids must attend a work session in Mr, Humphrey’s classroom (312) during CSI period.  Attendance is mandatory if you plan to attend the overnight camping trip on May 1-3.


ML yearbook will begin March 5th


There will be JR badminton practice today from 3:25-5:00 and Saturday from 1:00-3:00.


Annapolis Valley Regional School Board

Career Expo

Interested in a career that supports students? Come to our Career Expo for information on upcoming casual/spare/permanent opportunities for:

-          Educational Assistants

-          Janitors

-          Bus Drivers

February 23, 2015

6:00 p.m.

Avon View High School

225 Payzant Drive, Windsor

March 4, 2015

4:00 p.m.

Lawrencetown Consolidated School

10 Middle Road, Lawrencetown


At the Career Expo, you’ll have the chance to…

-          Meet with AVRSB Human Resources staff in person

-          Learn about opportunities that match your skills and interests

-          Find out how to apply online

For more information, visit or contact 902-538-4739 (Toll Free 1-800-850-3887)

Nova Scotia International Student Program

Please follow this link to be part of an amazing experience by opening your home to a student from another country - be part of the International Student Program.  

For details on the updated timeline and progress of renovations, please see the Renovation Status Update.


Self-Identification Initiative Starting February 2, 2015

AVRSB is asking all parents/guardians, staff and students to help us learn more about the diversity of our students, staff and communities.

Starting on February 2, 2015, a self-identification form will be provided to all students, and we encourage all parents/guardians to provide information about their student’s ancestry and Aboriginal identity. Self-identification is for everyone.

This information will help us to know who our students and staff are, how demographics are changing, and will help us plan how best to support the success of all students. Even if you have self-identified in the past, we want to make sure everyone has a chance to provide or update information, or to add more than one ancestry and Aboriginal identity.

Thank you in advance for helping us to collect this information. For further details, please speak to the school administration or visit

Student Attendance

Consistent student attendance is important. When a child is frequently absent from school he/she misses important learning experiences including specific skills and knowledge that may be necessary for further learning. The real danger of frequent absences from school is that students will develop gaps in their learning that will hinder future learning.It is understood that there are legitimate reasons why students must miss school. When this occurs, the school will work with you to ensure your child does not fall behind. Please communicate these situations with the child’s teacher and the school principal. There are also many examples of students missing significant time when it is not necessary. Please take school attendance seriously. Be consistent in ensuring that your child values the importance of good education. Make sure he/she goes to bed at a reasonable time and gets a good night’s sleep. Plan your vacation at times that will have no impact, or at the least a minimal impact, on school.  Do not hesitate to phone your child’s teacher or the school Principal if you are encountering difficulties getting your child to attend school. Allow us to work with you to find solutions. We are willing to sit with you to look at your child’s programming and school experiences as well as any other factors that may impact on your child attending school.

AWEC School Advisory Council

The AWEC School Advisory Council (SAC) meets on the 3rd Thursday of the month at 6:30 pm. The SAC is made up of parents, community members, school staff and students. SAC’s are formed to recognize the importance of a partnership among all stakeholders in the education system and to advise the principal and school board on relevant educational issues.

What are your future plans? Check out the If you're a student in a Nova Scotia public school, this site was made especially for you. You will find many tools here to help you develop strong career plan. Some are available to everyone, but some have been licensed for use only by Nova Scotia students. You can identify your skills and interests;learn about occupations and workplaces; find out what education and experience you will need; set some goals to get you to your future.  

Bus Notes

When students are requesting travel on a different bus than the one they would normally travel on, or to a different stop on their normal bus route, the parent or guardian must submit a written request to the School for approval. The bus notes should be brought to the office first thing in the morning for recording.

Student-Parent Portal

AWEC is offering you real-time access to your child(ren)'s grades, assignments, attendance, and teacher's comments using the Student-Parent Portal.  To get started, you must contact the school in person to request your child's confidential Access ID and Access Password.

Student fees are $40 per individual. Please make cheques payable to the Annapolis West Education Centre. Once you have paid your fee you will receive a lock for your assigned locker.

Athletic fees: $40 per person for each sport played to a maximum $100

AWEC is a scent free school. This means that you MUST refrain from putting on perfume or colognes such as AXE. Many people are very sensitive to this inside the building. Thank-you for your cooperation.

School Lockers

Students and parents/guardians should be aware that school lockers are the property of the school board and carry no rights of privacy by the student, and are subject to periodic search and inspection at the discretion of the principal/designate of the school or other school board authorized employee. Students who do not return their lock will be required to pay a replacement fee of $10.



Co-Op Cancelled on Storm Days

Attention Parents & Students of O2,Co-Op placements are cancelled when school is closed due to weather conditions.Please be sure to advise your placement officers that you will not be attending Co-Op.Submitted by,S. Robinson-BurnieLead O2 TeacherContinue

Started by S. Robinson-Burnie on Wednesday.

Open House (Renovations Complete)

A special thank you to the following Grade 11 O2 students who were helpers during the Open House, February 10th.  Mackenzie DeLong, Selina Mailman, and Makayla Uhlman were very helpful taking guests on a school tour to see all the renovations complete at AWEC. Submitted by,S. Robinson-BurnieContinue

Started by S. Robinson-Burnie on Tuesday.

Classes Cancelled February 18th, 2015 - Co-Op Cancelled

Attention Students and Parents of Grade 11 O2, All O2 students regularly scheduled for Co-Op today are to inform their placement mentors that with school closures Co-Op is cancelled.Submitted by,S. Robinson-BurnieLead O2 TeacherContinue

Started by S. Robinson-Burnie Feb 18.

Construction Association of Nova Scotia

Congratulations to Ethan Cook, grade 10 O2 who has completed the first phase of the selection process for Building Futures For Youth. We wish Ethan all the best as he prepares for his formal interview being held late March at the Annapolis Valley Regional School Board.  Stay Tuned!Submitted by,S. Robinson-BurnieO2 Lead TeacherContinue

Started by S. Robinson-Burnie Feb 13.

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